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Google’s Innovative Android Apps  | One Hour Translation

At its recent Google House event in Bengaluru, Google showcased innovations specifically targeted at the Indian market, bringing India-centric features on Android to ensure that Indian users have a better user experience. ... Continue

Watch Faces and Google Translate to be Integrated for Android Wear | One Hour Translation

This new update is designed to make it easy for people who speak different languages to be able to converse with each other. It sounds like it might be quite awkward to do this through a watch, but the app’s been designed in such a way that it works with the watch’s form: the user simply turns their wrist back and forth, forcing the watch to face themselves, then the person they’re speaking to. The watch switches translation to that person’s language as the watch changes direction. ... Continue

Google Translate App’s Word Lens Feature | One Hour Translation

You may not expect me to say this on the One Hour Translation blog, but we admit that machine translation has its place. If you’re looking to only translate a word or phrase, and the translation is for travel purposes, friendly or social correspondence, or to assist you with learning a foreign language, then we would advise you to take full advantage of machine translation. ... Continue

Translating Using a Smart Watch | One Hour Translation

Every so often a new technology is heralded by the media as a solution to the world’s translation problem. And while there are now countless tools on the market, none have come as close as the Google Translation app. ... Continue

One Hour Translation Launches US OHT-Enterprise For Documents Too Large For Google-Translate | One Hour Translation

OHT-Enterprise offers a full-service translation and localization service for businesses operating around the world tailored specifically to the workflow needs of enterprise-grade customers. ... Continue

More Machine Translation Myths | One Hour Translation

As a language translation professional, I’ve engaged in my fair share of prejudice against what’s commonly known as machine translation. In the past, there was a time when everyone who made their living in the field of translation services heard that we were going to be replaced soon enough by computers, and so there was a sort of attitude that you could never admit at any time that machine translation might actually be useful, because the moment you admitted that, they would appear in your office (who “they” were remains mysterious) and take away your computer and chair and desk and you’d have to find work at a fast food restaurant. ... Continue

Following the release today of the new version of the Google Translator Toolkit, One Hour Translation, the web's #1 professional translation service announced that it supports the new Translator Toolkit with its community of over 10000 professional ... Continue

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When you have a business and you wish to promote it online, the best way to go about it is create a website, post ads and submit content to other websites. This will help bring traffic to your site which in turn will boost your business and revenues. ... Continue