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freelance translator

As discussed in a previous post, work at home jobs are becoming popular due to various advantages like flexible working hours, telecommuting etc. that come with it. Increasing gasoline prices strengthen the need to avoid commuting to work on a daily basis. ... Continue

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Translation services are meant to help people get their work translated in to desired languages. ... Continue

A freelance translator is a person who takes up language translation assignments from various sources and delivers it to his or her clients on time. ... Continue

Translation service agencies conducting professional translation by themselves (human trans ... Continue

There are a surprising amount of people who discard their childhood dreams of becoming a cowboy, a policeman, a fireman, a pilot, an astronaut, or a doctor in order to get started in a freelance career in ... Continue

Website owners and marketing professionals are usually focused on English-speaking target demographics, and understandably so: this is the language in which they can most easily communicate with their clients. ... Continue

What does it take to become a professional and ethical translator? Is professionalism and ethics something you're born with or something you need to learn for yourself over a lengthy period of time? ... Continue