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‘Loanwords’ describes English words from Chinese words. A loanword is based on the adopted language and doesn’t share a literal translation of the word. Basically, it’s a borrowed word which is co-opted into the new language. Words like brainwash and bok choy, which have the same meaning in both English and Chinese, are known as ‘calque’. ... Continue

The world and art of translation is so huge that it really becomes difficult for us to find the start and the end ... Continue

Asia’s enormous diversity of living cultures and preserved heritage sites has significant appeal to many tourists. ... Continue

Translation is a major global activity today with documents, reports etc. being exchanged internationally. Professional translation services perform accurate translation of the given documents into the required language. ... Continue

The importance of proper translation by professionals assumes great importance when dealing with languages like English and Chinese which are poles apart in their structure, grammar, phonetics, syntax etc. ... Continue

Every language poses its respective quirks, idiosyncrasies, and difficulties to translators whenever they're being translated into another language. ... Continue