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Translator badges


Translator badges

Translation level badges

  • Platinum badge Platinum Translator
  • Gold badge Gold Translator
  • Silver badge silver Translator
  • Bronze badge bronze Translator

The translation level is calculated according to multiple parameters. To get the first rank (bronze translator) the translator needs to translate at least 10000 words. For badges higher than Bronze the number of words considered is the amount of words translated in the last 16 weeks. The ranking (Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum) depends on many parameters: overall rating, number of projects translated, number of words translated, recent project date, number of reopened/ reallocated /disputed projects and other parameters.


Reviewer badges Professional Reviewer

Reviewer badge is given to translators that can do the peer review. The reviewer badge is given to the top 5% of our translators (based on a time on the site, total number of words translated, rating and other parameters)




Expert Translator badge expert Reviewer

The Expert badge is given to translator with specific translation expertise that translated at least three expert translation projects with rating of 5 out of 5.




Approved Translator badge approved Translator

The Approved translator badge is given manually by our Translators Quality control personnel. The badge is given to those we know well enough from a professional perspective. The Approved translator badge is used internally for allocating specific projects and for the localization of the One Hour Translation website. 
The Approved badge is given manually, so if you feel like you should have it, but it's not given yet, it might be just because we did not come across your profile yet.




One Hour Translation badge One Hour Translation stuff

The One Hour Translation badge is used by One Hour Translation's personnel only.

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