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How do I get paid?


How do I get paid?

Once the translation project becomes <<Completed>>, you will be credited according to the number of words you have translated. A project becomes <<Completed>> 7 days after the translation is submitted or after the last comment has been posted on the Discussion Board of the project page. The credits for the translation will become earned after 72 hours, from the moment the project becomes completed, and the bonus – after 30 days, from the moment the project becomes completed. When you have reached a minimum of 2000 credits ($20), you can convert them to cash and request payment via the Control Panel.

Once the minimal amount of credits is available in your account, you can request an immediate withdrawal. The default payment terms for the first convert request are Net+30 (i.e. at the end of the following month); once the first request is cleared (the payment is successfully made), you will be able to withdraw your funds at any time you like prior thereto. Money requested prior to the default payment terms will be subject to a modest Early Withdrawal Fee. The Early Withdrawal Fee is subject to change and will be specified on the “Convert to Cash” page. Additionally, a Manual Handling Fee may be stated during the conversion process.
Your One Hour Translation account is similar to a bank account in the sense that you can withdraw money from the account at any time. Note, however, that on our regular payment dates (the 15th and the end of the month) there is no Manual Handling Fee since payments on these dates are processed automatically.
We offer three payment options for translators. We allow payment via the OHT Payoneer MasterCard or wire transfer (both options of which are processed by Payoneer), or you can receive payment via PayPal. Please remember that PayPal may deduct its transaction fees from what we pay you, depending on your account type.

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