Translation Speed

How fast will I receive the completed translation?

Super-fast! Our large database ensures that there are always translators connected to our system, who are notified in real time that a translation is needed. They know they have to respond quickly in order to get the job. The translators are aware of the tight yet reasonable time frames we promise our customers. You can check the estimated time of arrival for your specific project using our Wizard.

When will the translation start?

The translation normally starts within 24 hours from the time it's submitted. Typically it starts during the business hours in the country where the native translators live. Once it starts, a countdown timer shows when the translation is going to be ready. If the translation does not start within 24 hours, you can contact our Customer Support Team and we will make sure a translator starts working ASAP.

How long does it take?

Translation of one 200-word page takes one hour once the translator starts working. A professional translator can translate about 2,000 words per day. Once a translator has started working on your project, a countdown timer will indicate how long the translation process is expected to take.