Translation Quality

Who translates my text?

One Hour Translation has a community of over 15,000 professional translators from around the world. We verify and certify each and every translator manually to keep the community professional. Translators are rated continuously in order to maintain the high quality of our services.

What is Additional Editing?

When a customer selects Translation + Editing, the text is translated by one translator, and then the translation is edited by another independent, professional translator. The translator doing the editing is one of the more veteran translators on the site. This service is commonly used by businesses. You may see our rates for Translation + Editing in our Pricing Page.

Why should I use Translation + Editing?

If you choose Translation+Editing service, your text will be translated by one translator, and once the translation is done, an additional, senior, independent editor will thoroughly review the translation and correct or polish it if needed. Translation+Editing is recommended for our business customers. Having two professional translators look at the text guarantees a flawless, high-quality outcome.

What can I do to be certain of the quality of the translation?

There are two ways to increase the certainty of a translation to a language you are not familiar with. One is Translation + Editing, where the translation is examined by another independent professional translator as described here. The other way is Back-Translation - translating the original text with one translator, and then submitting the result to another translator to translate it back to the source language.