What is proofreading only and what is Expert Translation?

If you already have your document translated, but want to check the existing translation, we provide proofreading services as well, i.e. our proofreaders review the translation, check it against the source, and correct it where needed. This is also possible if you do not have the source text. In this case, the text you submitted for proofreading will be checked for grammar, spelling and other mistakes and corrected if needed.

How can I tell the word count?

We have an automatic system that counts the number of words in the documents. It counts the words in most of the common file types (MS Office, PDFs etc.). Depending on the file format, and other technical parameters, the count may be slightly inaccurate. If needed you may adjust the number of words manually when submitting your project.

What about word count in Asian languages (e.g. for Chinese translation, Japanese translation, etc.)?

We provide the translation from and into Asian languages, such as Chinese, Japanese, Korean and others. In general, our calculation for Chinese and Japanese is 1 word = 1.2 characters. Our automatic word counting system is mostly designed for European languages and may process Asian writing incorrectly.

What is One Hour Translation all about?

We started One Hour Translation in order to make quality translation accessible to everyone, everywhere, quickly and easily. We wanted to connect great translation talent and customers from all over the world in an easy and efficient way. We believe that our service helps bringing people from across the globe closer together for business and for pleasure. Today, One Hour Translation is considered the web's leading professional translation service.

Why use One Hour Translation instead of a freelance translator?

One Hour Translation has some clear advantages compared to working directly with freelancers: All of our translators pass a quality certification and verification process. One Hour Translation has a unique Quality Control System, we monitor quality on several levels. Our translations are examined in real time by up to 7 reviewers to detect potential issues.

What type of files do you support?

The source to be translated can be entered as text directly, or you can upload one or several files. The translators from our community can handle all of the common file types including MS Word, Power Point, Excel, pdf, jpg, gif and many other file types. Some of the translators can also deal with special file types (SDL etc.). You may contact us in advance to verify if the special file format you have is supported in the required language pair.