Website Translation

Effortlessly create multilingual websites to bring your business to new global markets. Ensure your brand’s messaging is communicated flawlessly in any language with our professional website translation services.

Website translation

Create multilingual websites at scale

Expand your business with multilingual websites. No matter the scale of the project, OHT can translate your website’s blog, eCommerce product descriptions, contact forms, landing pages, and more. Ensure accessibility for all and grow your global audience. No matter your industry, our regional experts will provide high-quality website translation services, accounting for cultural nuances, local preferences, and authentic-sounding language.

Create multilingual websites at scale

Integrate with any website builder:


Utilize the WPML plugin to seamlessly integrate your OHT API with your WordPress website. This multilingual plugin allows us to translate any WordPress site, no matter how complex.


Benefit from advanced translation management for your Drupal website. Let OHT and Drupal’s TMGMT plugin do the work for you, and come away with professional website content in any language.


Create multilingual websites by using OHT and Wix. Take the hassle out of finding a translator and allow our language experts to translate your website, receiving your content directly from Wix.

Why OHT?



We use advanced technology to provide the best website translation services at scale. Our API integrations and extensive network of expert translators will ensure your website is translated efficiently, no matter how complex it is.


High quality

Our unique combination of advanced machine translation and professional human translators ensures your website translation will be of the highest quality, ensuring a smooth customer journey at every step.


Rapid turnaround

We know that every minute your website is unavailable in other languages is a lost opportunity. That’s why we set a countdown timer — so you know exactly when your translations will be ready.


Technical know-how

Using WordPress or Drupal integrations may sound complicated, but our API is built to support large-scale website translations. Our team will support you through the process – no technical or programming skills required.

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