Website Translation

Website Translation

The Internet is your gateway to the world market, but how many potential customers are you losing because they don’t speak your language? Our huge community of translation professionals – 15,000 certified and experienced experts and growing – can translate your web site into as many languages you want, with localised expertise and in-context work to ensure your design and message carry through seamlessly. 

It’s been proven again and again: The best way to see your conversion double or triple is to offer your web site, eCommerce platform, and advertising materials in the native language of your target market. It’s simple, really; people are more apt to stay on your page and more likely to click ‘BUY’ when they’re reading the product descriptions and other material in their own language – if the text is well-written from a native-speaker’s comfortable point of view.

There’s a lot of national pride locked up in language, a lot of identity politics. People get annoyed when they have to parse a foreign language on a web site, and they feel less confidence that their wishes as your customer will be understood and served when they don’t think you speak the same language. It’s actually worse when a translation is offered but it’s poorly composed and shows a distinct lack of local familiarity.

We make website translation easy, fast and affordable. We will translate your website source text no matter on which file type it is stored. XML, HTML, PO, CSV - you name it. Our translators editor will eliminate the tags for our translators, allowing them to translate your materials easily while maintaining the source format. We also have integrations with popular CMS localization systems - WPML (Wordpress), TMGMT (Drupal), Translation Exchange.

We aim to make translation services for your company so easy you forget they’re even being done. Join our legacy of over 57,000 satisfied business customers – our customer list includes 60% of the Fortune 500 for a reason!