Translation Services

Effortlessly translate your desired text. With a global network of over 25,000 translators, we'll consistently translate your text, delivering your content on time and at project cost.

Translation easy as 123

Translating words, conveying concepts

Whether you're a global enterprise or a small business owner, our international team of translation experts will rapidly translate your text while ensuring the highest level of language accuracy and translation consistency. And the formatting? No need to waste your time on it. XML, PPT, email templates, and more, we’ll return your translated document to you in the same format you delivered it - pictures and all.

Translation easy as 123

Translation services include:

Desktop publishing

Craft translated templates and layouts for your business! Our professional designers will help you put your brand’s best foot forward by leveraging the latest software to create expertly designed print materials that help set your brand apart.


Ensure your content has its i’s dotted and its t’s crossed. Our expert language editors will double check your translation for the highest level of accuracy and consistency, referencing your original document for intent, and then reviewing the translated version for precision.


Capture more value from your audio and video files - meetings, presentations, customer service recordings, and more. Our seasoned transcriptionists will accurately transcribe your audio or video files into text. Supported in over 120 languages.

Why OHT?

Fast turnaround

We know you're working within a project deadline. That’s why we set a countdown timer from the moment you approve our price quote — so you know exactly when your translations will be ready.


High quality

Our native-speaking translators are certified professionals. Nonetheless, for an added layer of textual quality assurance, we always run your project past a second set of eyes.



We're able to scale our translation services to extremely high volumes. Using APIs and CMS connectors, we accommodate multiple language requests and meet tight project deadlines.


Dedicated service

We provide dedicated account managers and support personnel to help our enterprise customers get the translations they want, when they want them. 

Customized translation supporting:


120 Languages

We support over 120 languages and over 3,200 language pairs, covering over 95% of the languages used around the world. If you don't see the language that you need, approach us and we will recruit the best professional translators of that language. 

File formats

Diverse file formatting

We support a multitude of file formats to fulfill all your business needs, from the expected document file types to graphic formats, video subtitles, and technical file types, like XML and strings. You can present your content in almost any way and it will be taken care of. 


Industry expertise

Our certified translation and localization experts apply industry-specific knowledge and terminology to your company’s content. We ensure that every translation produced is consistent with industry standards in your target market, aiding your content's compliance, and adhering to regulations.



Xiaomi, one of the world's leading tech giants, was looking to expand its global presence and grow its business. In 2015, Senior Translation Manager, Santi Guan, turned to OHT to help review their current content, as well as translate and localize into an additional 48 new markets. Thanks to OHT's ability to provide high-quality text in a wide range of languages, the choice was a natural one. With OHT's help,  Xiaomi successfully expanded its brand to Europe, and today they market their products in 77 languages worldwide. 

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