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Language History:

The Vietnamese language is an Austro-Asiatic language that was developed from the Champa and Khmer people in the area.  However, the Chinese language was prominent throughout the land during the early part of the Common Era due to the Chinese dominance in the area. Still, the Vietnamese began to develop their own language through the mixture of native languages and Chinese while eventually adapting to European influences. Much of this particularly came in the nineteenth century after France invaded Vietnam. Today the Vietnamese language uses its own particular alphabet that is loosely based off of the Latin alphabet.

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About Our Professional Vietnamese Translators

We work with a variety of talented translators that are capable of taking care of all your project needs. We hire translators that are knowledgeable and understand the intricacies that come with this language. In fact, our translators can particularly help you out with just about any kind of document whether it’s a legal document, a medical record or a business document.

The letters you will find in the Vietnamese language are noted through a variety of different tones and accent marks. The Latin-based characteristics may be confusing to those who do not speak the language but you will certainly get some help from our native speakers who are trained in the Vietnamese language. These people will help you navigate through the translation process by working with the right individual characters so you won’t have to worry about what’s in a spot.

You can also use the services of our translators at any time of the day. We have translators from all parts of the world including a number that are actually based within Vietnam. The 24-7 nature of our business is particularly appealing considering how we already work with dozens of languages from all parts around the world.

Number of People Speaking

Around 75 million

Dialects: Vietnamese French

Countries Spoken: Vietnam, Myanmar (Burma), Cambodia

Some Fun Facts About Vietnam

Vietnam is an interesting country in that it is heavily dependent on motorbikes and taxis. It is also a huge producer of coffee even though people in Vietnam traditionally leave about ten percent of their coffee cups filled even after drinking most of it. Also, people in Vietnam have been noted for being very friendly and appealing to people who come into the country. The odds are you might have experienced these friendly behaviors when dealing with Vietnamese people in your business efforts.

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One Hour Translation Vietnamese Translation Services

One Hour Translation will help you to translate your documents into Vietnamese at any time of day with one of our many native speakers. We translate more than 70 languages each day and have been doing so alongside a number of professionals who are experienced and dedicated to making sure your projects are complete and controlled.

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Our business has been in touch with Vietnam as its main target for expansion and efforts for operating in the area and we have talked with a number of people around Vietnam over the years for all sorts of business activities. It’s been a challenge for us to actually get our documents out in Vietnamese though. One Hour Translation has given us the support we’ve been looking for to keep our documents from being too hard to translate. The native speakers that the site hires have especially been great for us.

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Translate Your Website to Vietnamese

You should think about the ways how your website could be adjusted based on the language you are trying to speak in. A website that has more versions for more languages will be easier for people to use and read. We can translate your site by taking in your URL and reviewing your site based on what you have to add.

Vietnamese Transcription Services

Transcriptions can be valuable for all sorts of video and audio files. We will take your files and translate them based on whatever you might want to get out of it. A translator will listen to your video or audio file and then translate everything based on what’s heard. This can be useful for court or business recordings.


Privacy & Confidentiality

We will use a non-disclosure agreement to make sure your items are not going to be shipped out to other parties without your permission. Everything that we translate will be kept private and away from other people.

Certificate of Translation Accuracy

Our Certificate of Translation Accuracy states that everything that you get adjusted will be as accurate and direct as possible. However, you will have to ask for a copy of a file if needed. In addition, you should also contact a public notary instead of us if you want notarized translation services instead.