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Language History:

This is the official language spoken in Ukraine. However there is a difference between the spoken language and the written language, which is derived from the Cyrillic script. The origin of the Ukrainian language can be traced back to the Old East Slavic Kyivs’ka Rus’ state from back in 1804. Since then the language has undergone developments and interactions from time to time with other communities to where it is today. There is also a lot of context that is borrowed from the Polish, Croatian and Slovak languages.

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About our professional Ukrainian translators:

We usually try to make sure that we get all our translators from the countries in whose languages we expect them to translate. This is not because we are picky, but it is because of the fact that we are keen on offering nothing but the best services for you. By doing this we try to make sure that whenever you need translation carried out for you, it will be done to the best of your requirements, and also to the most intricate details, in this case to the dialects.

One of the other things that we make sure that we stress is the need for proficiency and most certainly among our translators to you. It is to your benefit that we get the most proficient translators who are able to work for you. This is because we realize the need for some of the best translation work for your business and therefore we can only offer you nothing but the best.

Number of people speaking Ukrainian

Approximately 30 million

Dialects: Northern, Southeastern, Southwestern, Rusyn

Countries Spoken: Ukraine

Some Fun Facts About Ukraine:

Ukraine is one of the countries whose role in World War 1 and the revolution thereof cannot go unmentioned. The country had its first ever presidential election in 1991 with more than 90% of the population showing up for the activity. The country is also one of those with a unique biodiversity from the agricultural landscape found in the Kherson Oblast to the native speckled ground squirrel.

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We have been able to translate into more than 2000 language parts. Besides that we are also able to take credit for the fact that there are more than 73 languages within which we are able to translate. These are not mere statistics, but they are facts that indicate just how much work we have done to make sure that we can stay at the top level that we are right now.

One of the other things that we usually try to do is to make sure that with each investment that we make into our translators and to get other professional translators, we consider your long term interests.

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Translation from one language to the next has been a challenge for us for a very long time. However since we started working with One Hour Translation this is one of the things that worry us less. We are now in a good position to communicate better with our clients and our business has also been on the rise recently.

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The fact that we offer the best translation services does not mean that we are only able to offer that alone. When you come to think about it, there is so much that you can benefit from translation and transcription services that we offer and for the same reason therefore you need to make sure that you can let us serve you best.

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With the certificate of translation accuracy that we provide our clients we attempt to offer a guarantee that the services we offer you come second to none. Besides that we also try to make sure that you can get your translation data appreciated throughout the country because our certificate of translation accuracy is as a matter of fact acceptable throughout the US.