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In the event that you are wondering about where to get your translation needs, you can rest assured that One Hour Translation will be there for you to offer you all the best services you need. Over the past few years it has taken us a lot of time trying to understand what the needs of our clients is in as far as translation is concerned, and for the same reason we have taken to understanding the intricate details. Therefore we came to realize that most people have a problem with translation and we started looking for some of the best in the industry yet.

Our translators understand the languages that they translate into due to the fact that they are natives of the areas where they translate into. Therefore they do understand not only the languages, but also the context of the same. It is from then that we were able to appreciate the importance of translating from one language to another and as a result we came to get the best services for our clients.

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Number of people speaking Taiwanese

Approximately 64 million

Dialects: Sino-Tibetan, Chinese, Min, Min Nan, Hokkien

Countries Spoken: Taiwan

Some Fun Facts About Taiwan:

More than 70% of the Taiwan population speaks this language, and this is therefore considered one of the main languages in the country. Though known worldwide as Taiwanese, in full tha language is known as Taiwanese Hokkien.

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