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One Hour Translation can translate your source material at any time of the day of night.  We can offer an extremely fast turn-around, whilst maintaining the highest standards of quality.  The reason guarantee this is that virtually all of our translators are living in your targeted country and are native speakers.  Our professional translation experts can carry out work in over 73 languages and they’re skilled in over 2000 language pairs.  All of our translations are 100% accurate and read as if written by a local lawyer.  Whether you require translations carried out in corporate law, commercial law, tax law, intellectual property, certificates or any other documents you will find our translators up to the task.  All our work is competitively priced at a fixed rate and guaranteed for a fast turn-around of the highest possible quality.

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Number of people speaking:

Approximately 10 million


Norrland, Finland Swedish, Gotland, Svealand, South Swedish, Götaland.
Countries Spoken:

Sweden, Finland, there are also significant Swedish communities in the UK, USA and Canada, and throughout the world.

Some Fun Facts about Sweden:

The Swedish language also has mutual intelligibility with both Danish and Norwegian, which makes broad communication between these nations possible without an interpreter.

Although it’s predominantly used in Sweden, there are also many people in the coastal regions of Finland who also communicate in Swedish, and the language has legal standing on parity with the native Finnish

The Ericsson Globe, previously known as The Stockholm Globe Arena, is the largest hemispherical structure ever built, it also houses the largest to scale model of the Solar System in the entire world, and is known by locals as Globen which means The Globe.

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