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Language History:

The Brazilian Portuguese is the official language of Brazil, and is currently spoken by millions of users throughout the world. The fact that a good population of Brazil speaks fluent Portuguese can be attributed to the fact that the country was a Portuguese colony, and for the same reason the Portuguese language became rather commonplace. The Portuguese government of that time made all efforts to make sure that their language was spoken throughout the colonies, and this was rooted in Brazil.

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About our professional Brazilian translators:

Our translators have been able to handle lots of different translations in as far as translations into some of the Brazilian dialects are concerned. A lot of people today need to have content translated for one reason or the other. It is therefore important to make sure that you get the best translations for your best needs.

We usually do our best to make sure that we get all the professionals only so as to be able to deal with all the translation requirements that you need. We strive to make sure that you have as much alternatives as possible, especially to ensure that you can get the quality translations that you need.

A lot of people love to go to Brazil for holidays and as such there is always a huge demand for translation so that they can get into the system so easily.

Number of people speaking Brazilian

Approximately more than 190 million

Dialects: as a Portuguese language, the Brazilian Portuguese stands out as a dialect of Portuguese

Countries Spoken: US, Paraguay, Japan, Brazil, Portugal, Argentina

Some Fun Facts About Brazilian:

Most people do believe that there is a language called Brazilian, and as a matter of fact there are those who are so adamant about the same. Well, the national language in Brazil is Portuguese and there is nothing like Brazilian language. Brazilian is simply the term that is used to refer to residents of the country. However there are other native dialects that are spoken in the country, all of which are so important.

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One Hour Translation Brazilian Translation Services

We have translators who have been able to specialize in different aspects of the Brazilian dialects. It is worth noting that most of the Brazilian contingent speaks perfect Portuguese and as a matter of fact this is one of the languages that are used throughout the country. There are more than 73 languages throughout the world that we can translate into. Over the years there are so many people who have been able to make good use of our services, and we are sure that you too can appreciate the same.

We do have legal partners who are also more than capable of handling all aspects of translation in the languages. Therefore you can rest assured that we will give you nothing but the best of our services. All our translators have been residents of Brazil and as a result they are more than capable of handling your translations to the best of your needs.

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The success of our business has been pegged on the manner in which we can get to communicate with our clients throughout the world. Communication is very important to us, especially since we usually need to translate some of the content so that we can enhance our understanding of the client needs. Thanks to One Hour Translation services there are lots of challenges that we have been able to overcome in the recent past.

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We do understand that in the recent past there are so many people who have been in need of translation services. You can as a matter of fact rely on us to deliver some of the best results for you in as far as translation is concerned. We have a professional team of translators who have been able to give all their best towards the translation needs of our clients.

Brazilian Transcription Services

Today there are so many services that we offer our clients especially in as far as translation and transcription is concerned. We handle meetings and the related summons and proceedings with such finesse that lots of our clients do appreciate all the time. We also understand that some of these are usually very confidential and for the same reason we treat them with the confidentiality that they deserve.

Privacy & Confidentiality

The nature of some of the documents that we work with is usually so confidential, and for the same reason there is the need to sign NDA documents just to ensure the safety of our clients. Besides that there is also the issue with confidentiality that we strive so much to ensure. It is for the same reason that we insist on signing NDA documents.

Certificate of Translation Accuracy

There are those who are worried about getting the certificate of translation from us that they can get to use for their translations. Well, there is a sure guarantee that your certificates will get you so far. The reason for this is that they are accepted within the US, not mentioning the fact that they are also accepted by the major embassies and government agencies throughout the country.

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