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Language History:

Polish is one of the Indo-European languages. It is from the West Slavonic group which also includes Czech and Slovak.  In the early Middle Ages proto Slavonic tribes moved away from their ancestral lands and settled throughout central, southern and eastern Europe.  This expansion diversified the language of the tribes but, even to this day Poles, Slovaks and Czechs can communicate with each other without using an interpreter.

The continued development of the Polish language was closely tied to the early beginnings of the Polish state during the 10th Century.  Diverse but linguistically similar tribes in the Orda and Vistula river basins were united by Mieszko I, who also went on to be baptized in 966.  The introduction of the church also heralded the arrival of Latin, which at the time was the Lingua Franca of Europe.  The introduction of Latin and the subsequent adoption of the Latin alphabet, made writing Polish, which had till that point only been a spoken language, possible.  Early manuscripts were the province of the clergy but, Slavonic names and insertions were occasionally used.  The earliest surviving example of this kind of text was written in 990-992, and it’s known as the Dagome judex, in which Mieszko I subordinated his newly formed Polish state to the Pope, and described his lands and the new cities Cracow and Gniezno.

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About Our Professional Polish Translation Services:

Our translators are professionals with a great wealth of experience in Polish language and culture.  Most of our translators are native speakers living in Poland; they understand the differing dialects and subtle regional differences, which can make all the difference in an accurate translation.  Even if the source material is very technical or legal in nature our translators are more than capable of fulfilling your requirements.

Number of people speaking:

The estimated number of native Polish speakers in Poland is around 39 million but, emigrant’s worldwide count for an additional 10 million speakers.


Greater Polish, Lesser Polish, Masovian, Silesian (also considered to be a unique separate language), Podhale, Poznanski, Eastern Borderlands.
Countries Spoken:

Poland, Lithuania, Belarus, Ukraine, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Germany, Latvia and Israel.  There are also Polish emigrants in numerous countries all over the world who continue to speak Polish.

Some Fun Facts about Poland:

Between the Polish cities of Katowice and Kraków, is the area Pustynia Błędowsk, also known as the Błędowska Desert, which covers an area of 32 square kilometres.  This centuries old desert was left behind by a migrating glacier at the end of the last ice age.  Over the centuries the area has begun to gradually shrink but, efforts are underway to preserve this unique area.

The Polish word “Burek” which means brownish gray in color is the most widely used dog name in Poland.

The main religion of Poland is Catholicism, and Christmas day in Poland is celebrated not on the 25th but, the 24th of December.

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At One Hour Translation we can offer an extremely fast turn-around without sacrificing any quality.  Our native speaking translators are fluent in over 73 languages, as well as over 2000 language pairs.  All translations produced are 100% accurate and read as if written by a native professional.  We guarantee all of our translations, because the vast majority of our translators actually live in the targeted country, speaking as natives.  If you require work that is technical or legal in nature, intellectual property issues, or you if need certificates we can help.  One Hour Translation offers a highly competitive fixed price for work that is high in quality and delivered quickly.

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The success of our business has been pegged on the manner in which we can get to communicate with our clients throughout the world. Communication is very important to us, especially since we usually need to translate some of the content so that we can enhance our understanding of the client needs. Thanks to One Hour Translation services there are lots of challenges that we have been able to overcome in the recent past.

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Your website can be translated into Polish by a professional translator, and you can even specify which dialects you would like use.  We do this by using WEST our advanced Website Translation platform.  If you would like more information on this service please visit our WEST page.

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Professional transcription services are available for audio or video recorded material.  In the case of video, subtitles can even be provided for free if required.  One Hour Translation can provide fast and accurate transcription work for testimonials, summonses, hearings, minutes or any other work that you require.

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With One Hour Translation, you can be assured of the privacy and confidentiality of our services. Each of our professional translators has signed an NDA which offers all our customers guaranteed coverage as a part of our standard terms of business and agreement. We are also happy to sign a specific NDA if our customers require; please contact our legal department for further information using the ‘Contact Us’ form on our website.

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One Hour Translation is happy to provide a certificate of translation accuracy upon customer request. These certificates are valid with any government departments or agencies including embassies, US courts and immigration services. However for notarized translation, customers must engage a notary public directly.