Reach Kurdish speaking customers in their native language with our professional translation services.

Kurdish Translation

With a community of over 15000 professional translators worldwide One Hour Translation translate to more than 75 languages including Kurdish translation. Translation to Kurdish is done by native speaking Kurdish translators. A professional translator will be assigned to your project; a count-down timer will indicate when your translation is ready.

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About Our Professional Kurdish Translation Services:

Our professional team of translators has a vast amount of experience with the Kurdish language. The majority of our translators are native speakers and are able to recognize different dialects and the often subtle differences which occur between regions. Our translation team can fulfill an accurate translation of any source material, even if it is legal or technical in nature.

Highly-trusted Kurdish Translation agency

Native-speaking certified Kurdish translators only. We provide high quality professional translation services. Quality is guaranteed using our patented Collective Quality Reviews system.

The Fastest Professional Translation Services on Earth

We are the fastest professional translation service in the world. Quality and Speed are part of our standard translation services.

Direct Communication with your Kurdish Translator

Communicate directly with your Kurdish translator. Provide instructions, glossary, or clarifications before and during the translation.

Supported file types:  Translated file formats in turkey  and many others...


24/7 service, 7 days a week Fastest service: 200 Words / Hour / translator A countdown timer for each project

High Quality

Rated 4.25/5
based on 8 customer reviews.
Over 15000 native speaking professional translators.
Quality assurance by translation reviewers.
Communicate with the translator during the project.


From $ 0.087 per word
From ₪ 0.363 per word
From € 0.084 per word
Fixed price per word Pay only for what you use, no extra charges

Technical Documents we translate

At One Hour Translation, we are happy to offer our clients a translation with an extremely fast turnaround without compromising the quality and accuracy. Our team of native speaking translators are fluent in more than 73 different languages with well over 2000 language pairs.

All our translations are completely accurate and can be read as if they were composed by a native legal professional. We are confident of this as the majority of our professional translators live in country and are native speakers. Even documentation which is legal or technical in nature such as tax documentation, certificates or property issues can be quickly and accurately translated. We are able to offer work of the highest quality delivered very quickly for a competitive fixed fee.

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Our clients rely on us not only to meet their legal needs but to provide timely and extremely high quality services.  Securing translations of foreign documents is integral to everything that we do.  We can always rely on One Hour Translation to provide excellent translations in record time at a fair price.   In today’s competitive legal market, it’s important to impress our clients.  One Hour Translation helps us do that.

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Translate your Website to Kurdish

We are also able to translate your existing website into Kurdish using our innovative platform of Website Translation (WEST). Our translators even offer you the opportunity to specific a particular dialect you wish to use. For further information, please see the WEST page of our website.


Kurdish Transcription Services

One Hour Translation is also able to offer transcription services for any audio or video source material. We can provide an accurate and fast transcription suitable for hearings, summonses, minutes or testimonials. We can even provide video subtitles at no additional charge.


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Privacy & Confidentiality

At One Hour Translation we guarantee confidentiality with all our services. Each member of our professional translation team has signed an NDA which provides our clients coverage as part of our business agreement and standard terms. We are also willing to sign a client specific NDA if required. For further information, please use the “Contact Us” section of our website and one of our legal team will be in contact.

Certificate of Translation Accuracy

One Hour Translation is happy to supply a certificate of translation accuracy if requested. Our certificates are readily accepted by any government agencies or departments including immigration services, US courts and embassies. Please note, that notarized translations are not included; if you require a notarized translation you must engage a specialist directly.