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Language History

The language basically derives its history from a poetic context, with lots of the famous poets known today being of Italian origin. Dante Alighieri is as a matter of fact the one person who gets so much credit for the development of the language as we know it today and in particular within the Florentine region. The fact that a good number of the cities within Italy have always been considered as city states also led to the development of several dialects for each of them. With time however each of these has since developed into dialects that have become so popular.

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Number of people speaking Italian

Approximately 90 million

Dialects: Tuscan, Abruzzese, Pugliese (Apulian), Umbrian, Laziale, Central Marchigiano, Cicolano-Reatino-Aquilano, & Molisan

Countries Spoken: Italy, San Marino, Malta, Switzerland, Vatican, Slovenia, Croatia, Argentina

Some Fun Facts About Italy:

In as far as development is concerned Italy ranks among the top 30 most developed countries in the world, and especially so since it is considered to have a quality of life index ranking among the top 10 in the world.

About our professional Italian translators:

The Italian language has been considered as one of the most spoken languages throughout the world today. There are different dialects that are known to users and as such you can rest assured that we do have translators who know the best of the Italian language.

One of the most incredible things that you need to know about Italian is that it is one of the languages with quite the rich history, and therefore you can take pride in the fact that our translators are well equipped to make all the translation services that you desire.

With more than 90 million speakers of the language worldwide, our translation services rank among the best in the world especially due to the fact that our translators are natives of the dialect regions within which they translate. This gives you not just the factual translation but also the contextual aspect of translation.

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One Hour Translation Italian Translation Services

One Hour Translation is your ultimate source of the most efficient and relevant translation services in the whole world. Currently translating to more than 73 languages worldwide on a 24-7 basis, we have been able to translate into more than 2000 language parts, and continue to invest in professional personnel to make sure that we keep this track record untainted. We have a competent team of legal partners who can translate legal content into native languages of their origin. The best thing about it all is the fact that all these translators reside in their respective countries, which gives them an edge above the rest because they can relate the content being translated to the actual scenario. Some of the areas of our specialty include Commercial and Corporate law, Taxes, International law and also handling Patents and Intellectual law. You can also consult us to translate certificates for you.

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Today our business greatly relies on handling concerns of clients across the globe, and with that the need for translations services has become so important to us. We come across lots of documents that have to be translated from one language to another, and lots more that we have to translate to our clients so that they can appreciate the services we offer to them. Since we started working with One Hour Translation we have been able to meet our translation requirements in good time, and also at a good price too.

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Translate your Website to Italian

We have a platform where you can get to translate your website into Italian with the help of native Italian speaking translators. Besides that you also have the advantage of choosing the dialect that you would like to translate into. You can log into the WEST page for more information on the same.

Italian Transcription Services

Some of the other services which we offer our clients include transcription of video and audio recordings and the best thing about it all is that we usually do it for you without having to charge you anything. Some of the content that we work on include minutes for meetings, summons, testimonials and also court proceedings.

Privacy & Confidentiality

We sign a NDA with our clients and translators after which the translators can work with us. This is a guarantee of confidentiality in as far as the work that we are doing for you is concerned. There are legal circumstances that require us to sign custom NDA forms. You can use the Contact Us section to make a request

Certificate of Translation Accuracy

Our office has certificates of translation on demand should you need them. You can also take pride in the fact that our certificate is acceptable in all courts throughout the US. Embassies and immigration departments also make use of these documents as does the government organizations. You need to note however that we do not offer notarized translation services, which you can get from the public notary.