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Our translation services give you an opportunity to reach the native speakers of the fifth largest language of the world.

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We are proud to offer a fantastic quality translation without being compromised by our superfast turnaround. Our professional services are available at any time of the day or night. We have experts in translation for more than 73 languages and over 2000 language pairings. We guarantee that the translations we produce will be absolutely accurate and be comparable to a document written or produced by a native lawyer. We have this confidence because the majority of our professional team is staffed by native speaking professionals who are living in-country. We have the ability to translate any certificate or documentation but we have specialist translators for commercial, corporate or tax law and intellectual property. One Hour Translation is pleased to offer competitively fixed prices for work which is of the best quality with the fastest turnaround.

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Number of people speaking Hindi:

180 million speak Hindi as their primary language. If you add in the speakers of Urdu which is mutually intelligible with colloquial forms of Hindi, this number increases to 490 million worldwide. Some estimated calculate the number of people speaking Hindi as their primary or secondary language to be as many as 600 million.


There are quite literally hundreds of known dialects but they include; Bambaiya, Bhojpuri, Bihari, Bagri, Braj, Dakkhani, Haiderabadi, Haryanvi, Kangdi, Kahdi boli, Magadhi, Maithili.

Countries Spoken:

Hindi is the primary language in India and Nepal. There are significant communities of native speakers in regions of South Africa, the United States, New Zealand, Fiji, Trinidad, Uganda, Yemen, Singapore, Mauritius, Malaysia and Uganda.

Some Fun Facts about Hindi:

The Hindi language has been constantly evolving as it has incorporated aspects of Persian, Arabic, Turkish, Portuguese, Farsi and English vocabulary. The alphabet is far more expansive than the English alphabet with eleven vowels and thirty three consonants.

Native speakers of Hindi have been providing us with inventions for centuries. Chess was invented sometime before 600 ad, chutes and ladders was created in the thirteenth century to teach children the concept of morality, progress when you do something good and fall back when you do something bad. In more recent times the Pentium chip and Hotmail have been invented by native Hindi speakers and they have also been crowned Miss World five times and Miss Universe twice.

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