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Language History:

In as far as the history of the language is concerned it shares ancestry with the Svan and the Laz. These languages have been around from as early as the first millennium BC and it is from thereon that the languages split, with Georgian splitting much later than the others. Around the 4th century the elite in the ancient Georgian society converted to Christianity and it is during this time that the language started conversion into a written form.

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About our expert Georgian translators:

The Georgian terminology is not only limited to Georgia, but it is also commonly used in some of the other neighboring countries. The Georgians have in the recent past been able to spread all over the world as a result of different factors and consequently this has also led to the extensive reproduction of the Georgian terminology.

Our group of linguists is well qualified with the terminology and the dialects thereof and consequently you can be confident that your interpretation will be performed to the perfection that you want. With thousands of languages across the globe we have been able to get some of the best linguists, all who can offer you some of the best translation services too.

Number of people speaking Georgian

Approximately 8 million

Dialects: Imereti, Racha-Lechkhumi, Guria, Adjara, Imerkhevi, Kartli, kakheti, Saingilo, Tusheti, Khevsureti, Khevi, Pshavi, Fereydan, Mtiuleti, Meskheti

Countries Spoken: Russia, US, Israel, Georgia, Ukraine, Turkey, Iran, Azerbaijan

Some Fun Facts About Georgia:

Georgia is a sovereign state bound by neighbors Armenia and Turkey, Azerbaijan and Russia. There is an interesting theory about the naming of Georgians which states that they were so named due to their reverence of Saint George.

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The translations are usually performed throughout since we have a team on standby all the time. Besides converting to different languages, we go further and convert into the particular dialects that you need. This is in a bid to make sure that you get to have all the information you need converted to the languages that you want, and also into the 'dialects that you need. Our work is therefore to make your work so much easier.

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We make sure that NDA guidelines are adhered to before we start any work on records, whether it is for transcription or primary interpretation. This is because we appreciate the sensitive characteristics of some of the projects that are sent to us by our customers. Besides that it is a compulsory process when managing some records of a particular type that NDA claims are adhered to, rules that we abide by.

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