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One Hour Translation is able to offer all clients an accurate and fast turnaround for any translation project. Our professional team of native speaking translators is fluent in more than 70 separate languages including more than 2000 language pairings. Our translations are of a high standard and will read as if written by a native legal professional. We have this level of service as many of our professional translators live in country and speak the target language natively. Our translators have the skills and experience to accurately and quickly translate even legal or technical documents such as property documentation or tax paperwork for a competitive set price.

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Number of people speaking:

The estimated number of native speakers is 60,000,000 but some experts believe the world wide total could be as high as 110,000,000


There are a great many dialects including; Aimaq, Armeno- Tat, Bukharic, Caucasian Tat, Central Asian Persian, Dehwari, Eastern Persian, Hazaraqi, Judeo Persian, Juhuri, Pahlavani and Western Persian.

Countries Spoken:

Farsi is native to Afghanistan, Azerbaijan, Bahrain, Iran, Iraq, Pakistan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, however there are communities in many countries around the world

Some Fun Facts about Farsi:

Poetry is a major part of the Farsi language. The verses and quotes of great poets are quoted by many Persians during many aspects of everyday life. Poetry is often used to diffuse tension and resolve differences. 

Most Farsi speakers generally have a very good sense of humor and sharing jokes between family and friends is a large part of the language culture. These jokes are usually directed at family members or ethnic and cultural differences.

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