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One Hour Translation is proud to offer our clients an accurate and extremely fast turnaround for all your translation needs.  Our native speaking team of translation professionals is fluent in over 73 different languages, as well as over 2,000 language pairs.  All of our translations are completely accurate and will read as if spoken by a native legal professional.  We can be confident is our abilities because the vast majority of our professional translators actually live in your targeted country, and speak the language as natives.  Documentation that is legal or technical in nature such as certificates, property issues or tax forms can be swiftly and accurately translated.  In addition, we offer this high quality work at a competitive fixed price.


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Number of people speaking:

The number of native speakers is estimated to be 1.3 million, there also speakers numbering in the tens of thousands, in various communities around the world.


There are two distinct groups of dialects in Estonia, the northern and southern.  These groups are associated with the city of Tallinn in the north and Tartu in the south. 

The northern group includes keskmurre which is a central dialect upon which the standard language is based, the läänemurre is a western regional dialect, the saarte murre is a dialect spoken on the islands of Saaremaa and Hiiumaa, the idamurre is an eastern dialect which is spoken along the north western coastal area of Lake Peipsi.

The southern group has four dialects Tartu, Mulgi, Võru and Setu. These are all considered to be variants of a greater South Estonian language, or separate languages altogether according to differing experts.

In addition to these two main groups of dialects there is also the separate kirderanniku dialect, which is spoken along the north eastern coast of Estonia.

Countries Spoken:

It is spoken primarily in Estonia and in various ex-patriot communities around the world.

Some Fun Facts about Estonia:

Estonia has the highest point of elevation in the entire Baltic region, Munamagi which is also known as Egg Mountain is 1043 feet or 318 meters in height.

Estonia has the largest incidence of meteorite craters in relation to actual land area in the world.

Although the official language is Estonian, it’s interesting to note that Russian is also widely spoken.

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