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Language History:

English US is a collection of dialects within the English language family. It is the most commonly used language within the United States of America, and it is considered to be the de facto language simple because it is so widespread.

The English language arrived in the United States when settlers came to colonize in the seventeenth century. Since that time, the language has developed, influenced by the population of Native Americans and the various languages of further groups of immigrants and settlers including Spanish, German and West African.

The most common differences noted between the original English and US English is the removal of the letter ‘u’ in certain words such as color and colour. The US English language has also retained a number of words which have fallen into extinction in the original English language, an example of this is the word ‘fall’ to denote the changing of seasons. This came from the Middle English phrase ‘fall of the year’.

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About Our Professional English US Translators:

Our team of professional translators has acquired a great deal of experience, dealing with the different aspects of the US English language. Most of our translators speak the language natively and are able to recognize and understand any subtle regional differences. They have the skills and ability to produce an accurate translation from any source material, even complex or technical documents.

Number of people speaking:

The number of native speakers is estimated to be 231 million.


Although the written form of US English is standardized, there are a number of spoken dialects within America. These include; Interior, Midwest and Eastern Seaboard. These are split down geographical lines.

Countries Spoken:

English US is spoken primarily in the United States of America. There are also a number of communities around the world.

Some Fun Facts about US English:

Some Americanisms in the US English language were actually formed by modifying existing words. For example, pry taken from ‘pry open’.

There are also a number of blended words which were created in US English. These include guesstimate, motel, televangelist and infomercial.

US English also favors certain words which are complex, while the original English has clipped words. For example US English uses transportation whereas original English has transport.

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One Hour Translation English US Translation Services

One Hour Translation is able to provide clients a fast turnaround on translations without losing any degree of quality or accuracy. Our team of native speaking professionals is fluent in more than seventy three languages and 2000 language pairings. We are confident that any of our translations can be read as if they were written by a member of the native law profession. The majority of our professional translators lives within the targeted country and speak the language natively. They are able to accurately translate any document including those of a legal or technical nature such as certificates or corporate law content. We can provide a high quality translation for a competitive set price in a short time-span.

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Our clients rely on us not only to meet their legal needs but to provide timely and extremely high quality services.  Securing translations of foreign documents is integral to everything that we do.  We can always rely on One Hour Translation to provide excellent translations in record time at a fair price.   In today’s competitive legal market, it’s important to impress our clients.  One Hour Translation helps us do that.

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Translate your Website to US English

One Hour Translation is also able to facilitate the translation of your website into US English. We can offer this service using WEST our innovative Website Translation platform. This also provides the facility to specify a dialect, if required. For additional details, please check the WEST page of the website.


US English Transcription Services

One Hour Translation can also provide a transcription service. We have the facility to accurately transcribe any video or audio sources such as hearings, minutes, testimonials or summonses. We can also provide subtitles for video sources at no additional cost.

Privacy & Confidentiality

We can offer all our clients a guarantee of confidentiality as part of our standard terms and conditions. Each member of our professional translation team has signed a NDA, but if required we are happy to sign a client specific NDA. For further information, please speak to a member of our legal team using the ‘Contact Us’ page on our website.

Certificate of Translation Accuracy

We are also able to provide a certificate of translation accuracy, if required. One Hour Translation certificates are accepted by all government agencies and departments including US courts, immigration services and embassies. Please note that this does not include notarized translations. If you require a notarized translation, you would need to speak to a notary directly.

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