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One Hour Translation is able to offer clients an extremely fast turnaround on any translation without sacrificing any degree of accuracy or quality. Our native speaking translation team is fluent in over 73 different languages with over 2000 language pairs. All our translations will read as if they had been written by a member of the legal profession from the native country. Many of our professional translators live in country and are native speakers. They can accurately translate any documentation including legal and technical content such as tax paperwork and certification. We are confident that you will receive a translation of the highest quality, with a super-fast turnaround for competitive fixed price.


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Number of people speaking:

The estimated number of native speakers is 375 million worldwide, while a further 750 million speak English as a second language.


The dialects of English are simply too numerous to list. The most commonly thought of is American English and Australian English but there are regional dialects throughout the native speaking countries and around the world.

Countries Spoken:

English is primarily thought of as being spoken in the United Kingdom, the USA and Australia but there are also fifty two countries around the world where English is the official language. These include; Canada, India, Barbados, Malta, New Zealand, Jamaica, Kenya, South Africa, Singapore, the Philippines and Zambia.

Some Fun Facts about English:

The Oxford English Dictionary which is the premier and standard dictionary of the English language lists over 250,000 completely distinct words. This figure does not include scientific, technical or colloquial terms.

There is no word within the English language which rhymes with the word month.

The word ‘set’ has the greatest number of definitions, more than any other English word.

Only four words within the whole of the English language end in the syllable ‘dous’; hazardous, horrendous, stupendous and tremendous.

There are no rhyming words for the colors orange, purple or silver.

There is only one fifteen letter in the English language which does not repeat a single letter; ‘un-copywritable’.

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