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Language History:

Danish is part of the Germanic family of languages. During the eighth century, the common forms of Germanic language from Scandinavia and the language of Proto-Norse which had evolved into Old Norse began to develop new changes. These changes did not fully spread through Scandinavia which created two very similar dialects of Old Norse; Old West and Old East. Danish is descended from the Old East dialect.

This dialect which was common in Sweden and Denmark was almost the same until the twelfth century when they began to further develop into Swedish and Danish. During the Viking colonization of parts of England, the Old East form of Norse influenced aspects of the English language with many words deriving from Norse.

The first Danish printed book is dated in 1495 and the bible was completely translated into Danish and published in 1550.  A great many authors have written in Danish including the children’s writer Hans Christian Anderson and philosopher of existential theory Soren Kierkegaard. During the twentieth century three Danish authors became laureates for the Nobel Prize in literature.

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About Our Professional Danish Translation Services:


Our professional translation team has a wealth of experience in dealing with any aspect of the Danish language. Many of our translation team speak the language as a native and can easily recognize and understand the subtle dialect and regional differenced which occur. Our team have the confidence to create an accurate translation from any source material even documentation which is legal or technical in nature.

Number of people speaking:

Native Danish speakers are estimated to be approximately 5.6 million strong in total; there are also an additional 400,000 speakers in other parts of the world.


Standard Danish is a widely spoken dialect based on the language used in and around the capitol city of Copenhagen.  There is little in the way of regional variation for the most part, largely due to the dominance of metropolitan influence on government and culture.  Despite this there are three widely recognized broad regional dialects; these can in turn be sub-divided into thirty more exact specific dialects.  Insular Danish is spoken on the islands of Zealand, Lolland, Falster, Mon and Funen.  Jutlandic is spoken throughout Jutland, although slight regional variations exist in the North, West, East and South of the peninsula.  The Bornholmsk dialect or Bornholmian is spoken on the Baltic island of Bornholm, another term for it is Eastern Danish as it shares many characteristics with the dialect spoken on Scania. This similarity dates back to the loss of several Danish islands including Scania which occurred during a war with Sweden in 1658.

Countries Spoken:

Denmark, Iceland, in the Faroe Islands as a second language, in Greenland as one of the two official national languages and in Southern Schleswig on the Danish and German border.

Some Fun Facts about Danish:

Iceland has not used Danish as an official language since 1944 however it’s still taught in schools there as a mandatory subject.

Danish is widely spoken in the Southern Schleswig region of Germany, which shares a border with Denmark, Danish is recognized as an official regional language on the German side and this is reciprocated, as German is an official regional language on the Danish side of the border.

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One Hour Translation is able to offer a fast turnaround on any translation without compromising on quality and accuracy. Our native speaking translators are fluent in seventy three different languages with more than 2000 language pairs. We are confident that the translations we produce can be read as if they were composed by a native legal professional. We are able to translate any source material even legal, technical or complex documents such as tax paperwork, certificates and intellectual property rights. We can offer our clients a translation service of the highest standard, quickly and for a set price.

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Our clients rely on us not only to meet their legal needs but to provide timely and extremely high quality services.  Securing translations of foreign documents is integral to everything that we do.  We can always rely on One Hour Translation to provide excellent translations in record time at a fair price.   In today’s competitive legal market, it’s important to impress our clients.  One Hour Translation helps us do that.

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One Hour Translation also has the facility to translate your existing website into Danish. We use our own innovation WEST which is a platform of Website Translation. With this service, we can also allow clients to specify a particular dialect, which they wish to use. For further details and information, please go to the WEST page of our website.


Danish Transcription Services

We can also offer clients a transcription service for any audio or video materials. We can provide accurate and fast turnaround which is suitable for summonses, meeting minutes or testimonials. We can also supply video subtitling upon request for no additional charge.

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One Hour Translation can guarantee all clients confidentiality as part of our standard terms of business. Every single member of our professional team of translators has signed an NDA upon commencement of employment which provides coverage. We are also able to sign a specific NDA upon client request. For additional information please speak to a member of our legal team via the ‘Contact Us’ form on the website.

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At One Hour Translation, we are happy to supply upon request a certificate of translation accuracy. These certificates are fully accepted by US courts, immigration services or any government departments or agencies. Please note this does not include notary services. If you require a notarized translation, you would need to engage a notary directly.