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We are able to offer a professional translation service around the clock. We can provide a very fast turnaround without sacrificing any degree of accuracy. Our team consists of translators who are native speakers of over 73 different languages, and over 2000 language pairs. We are confident that our translations will read as if they had been composed by a member of the local legal profession. Many of our professional translators live in country and are native speakers of the targeted language. Even if your source material is of a technical or legal nature such as tax or commercial law documents or certificates, we are confident we can meet your requirements. One Hour Translation can provide work of the highest quality with a fast turnaround for a set price.

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Number Of People Speaking:

Estimates calculate the number of people who speak Mandarin as their primary language is in excess of 955 million worldwide.


Beijing, Central Plains, Jiao-Liao, Ji-Lu, Jin, Lan-Yin, Lower Yangtze, Northeastern and Southwestern.

Although due to the differences in tone, speakers of some dialects are only able to communicate through the standard form of Mandarin.

Countries Spoken:

The majority of native speakers cover most of north and southwest China, Taiwan, Singapore and Malaysia but there are communities around the world.

Some Fun Facts About Mandarin:

The Mandarin language doesn’t actually have an alphabet. It is written using symbols or Chinese characters. This form of writing is one of the oldest writing systems in the whole world.

There are well over 100,000 Chinese characters used in the Mandarin language. New symbols are constantly being developed, so this figure is always increasing.

The Mandarin language also has four tones. This means that any one word or syllable can have four different meanings. It is widely recognized that learning and mastering these tones is the most challenging aspect of learning Mandarin.

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