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Language History

The Arabic language is a Semitic language that is loosely related to Hebrew and Aramaic. It is believed to have originated in the sixth century and had originally been spoken by nomadic tribes that made their way around the Arabian Peninsula. Most people who communicated in Arabic did so through literature and poetry at the time. The language was particularly noted for having each word being derived from another root verb. In addition, the language would soon become the key language in the Islamic faith, thus causing many tribes and cultures in the Arabian Peninsula and in Africa to replace their languages with Arabic.

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About Our Professional Arabic Translators

You can utilize personally Arabic translators to help you out with keeping your language needs under control. As the sixth-most spoken language in the world, Arabic has become an important language in recent years and is especially valuable in oil-rich countries in the Middle East. Translators will help you to get all documents that you have taken care of with the Arabic language in mind.

A big part of the Arabic language is that it is traditionally written from right to left and read in that same format. Therefore, there will be a need to make sure that the translation process is made with this special consideration in mind. You can be certain that your Arabic translators will make sure everything is written out and read the right way.

Also, our services are effective because they work well with formal and standard forms of the Arabic language. The formal style is used in the Qur’an and is taught in schools in Arabic-speaking countries while the modern form is used in more places. It’s easy for you to contact translators that will take care of both of these forms of the language.

Number of People Speaking Arabic

Approximately 280 millio

Dialects: Maghrebi (Western), Levantine, Iraqi, Egyptian, Sudanese

Countries Spoken: Egypt, Sudan, Morocco, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Somalia, Israel, Yemen

Some Fun Facts About Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia is an interesting place because it is the home to the holiest spots in the Muslim faith. These include the holy city of Mecca, a city that all Muslims must make a pilgrimage to in their lives if they are capable of doing so. In fact, it’s a city that forbids all non-Muslims from entering. Saudi Arabia is also home to the second-largest total of oil reserves in the world, thus making it a viable country in the global economy.

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One Hour Translation Arabic Translation Services

One Hour Translation will help you to make sure your documents are translated as efficiently and quickly as possible. You can simply submit your text to us or submit a file so we can start working on it. We have all sorts of language experts who are on call 24-7 to make sure your translation needs are satisfied so everything is covered well. We work with more than seventy different languages and have translated thousands of documents and websites for clients from all parts of the world. In fact, a professional translator with us can deliver about 200 words in a single hour.

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We’ve been working with a number of business associates in Dubai to take advantage of the rising market in the Middle East. Our needs for getting our documents translated have been very strong because we have so many different documents that are relevant to our needs. We have worked with One Hour Translation for years to make it easier for all our documents to be transferred into Arabic so the Arabic-speaking clients we have in Dubai can read what we have. They’ve been doing this with a great price and it has certainly helped us to keep our documents in check.

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Translate Your Website to Arabic

We also have a special service where you can get your websites translated into Arabic. You can go to the top page of our website and submit the details on the URL that you want us to translate. We will operate with the same procedure and timeframe for your website as what you might get from another of our many services.


Arabic Transcription Services

You can also send us your audio and video files so we can transcribe them into Arabic. We can work well with translating recordings from business meetings, court cases, doctor’s notes and many other common items that have to be covered.


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We guarantee that our effects with you will be completely confidential and private from the public. This means that a non-disclosure agreement will be signed stating that your efforts will be kept secretive without your files being leaked to others.

Certificate of Translation Accuracy

We also operate with certificates of translation that are available on demand as needed. However, we do not have any notarized translation services. You will have to contact your local public notary for any translation services relating to this point.

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