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Language History:

The language history of Afrikaans cannot be complete without mentioning the struggle for independence for South Africans. However that aside, the language was a 17th century prodigy of the dialects of the Dutch settlers. As a matter of fact it is estimated that more than 90% of the Afrikaans dictionary is pure Dutch content.

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About our expert Afrikaans translators:

Over the past few years there are so many individuals who are coming to understand more about Afrikaans and the related terminologies and consequently there has been a rise in the variety of interpretation needs that are carried out by us. This is due to the globalization that seems to be going on across the globe and therefore most individuals usually need translation to be able to connect properly with their customers.

Thanks to our translators however there has been a rise in the variety of individuals who have come to appreciate these services, and also those who are interested in getting to know as much about Afrikaans as there is to know about. We have some of the best and most efficient translators globally, all who have been able to appreciate the need for the interpretation to Afrikaans.

Number of people speaking Afrikaans

Approximately 23 million

Dialects: Northern Cape, Eastern Cape, Western Cape

Countries Spoken: South Africa, Namibia, Zimbabwe, Botswana,

Some Fun Facts About Afrikaans speaking South Africa:

South Africa is one of the countries which generally speak this language. However, it is also spoken in Namibia and there are fragments in Botswana and Zimbabwe too. South Africa is popular today for so many reasons, and one of them being the home of the world’s most respected man, Nelson Mandela who championed the freedom for the country.

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One Hour Translation Afrikaans Translation Services

If by any chance you are thinking about where to get your interpretation needs, you can be confident that One Hour Translation will be there for you to provide you with all the best solutions you need. Over the years it has taken us a lot of efforts and energy in trying to appreciate what the needs of our customers are in as far as interpretation is involved, and for the same purpose we have taken to learning about some of the complex information on language parts. Therefore we came to understand that most individuals have an issue with interpretation and we began looking for some of the best in the marketplace yet.

Our linguists comprehend the languages that they convert into thanks to the fact that they are residents of such countries. Therefore they do comprehend not only the languages, but also the perspectives and contexts of the same. It is from then that we were able to appreciate the value of converting from one terminology to another and consequently we came to get the best solutions for our customers.

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When we thought of investing our company into South Africa, we were worried about the language difficulties that we would experience. Because of the same, we believed it would be very difficult for us to go through successfully into the industry as we had expected. However thanks to One Hour Translation, all this has been made easy for us, and the one thing that we can verify is the fact that these days we really have a successful company because we are able to connect and communicate with our South African clients.

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One of the best factors about translating with us is that it will only take us so little time to know what you need, and also provide the same to the top quality that you desire. The purpose for this is that all our linguists have mastered the languages and consequently they are able to translate into different languages in order to ensure that you can best appreciate the services that they have carried out for you.

Afrikaans Transcription Services

We do not only take our time and invest in interpretation of languages but we also interact with our customers in transcription solutions. This usually is useful for those who are in need of transcription of video and sound content. This can be for conferences, meetings or even a legal process. All this we can do with such grace and consequently you can be confident that you will always appreciate the assistance that we provide.

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Our expert linguists insist on NDA contracts to be sure that the privacy and secrecy of the content we will continue to work on for you remain a priority

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