Localize your messaging to ensure it resonates with your target audience. We'll adapt your content's translation to comply with local linguistic and formatting norms.

Localization without borders

Localization that transcends borders

To ensure your content appeals to local audiences, it's not enough to simply translate it. Within a given language, idioms, puns, currency notations, and even accent marks can differ from region to region. Our area-specific linguists will help you localize your content in a manner that both captures its linguistic essence and adheres to local nuance.


Localization without borders

Localization services include:


Ensure your website captures the hearts and minds of local readers.  Our localization experts will optimize your site to comply with local norms, paying special attention to messaging, punctuation, currencies, and visual elements.



Boost global brand recognition and international sales. We'll localize your online content and product descriptions, so you can sell smarter, in a “language” your customers feel most compelled to engage with.



Get ready for an influx of downloads. From in-app slogans, buttons, and conversion copy, to Google Play and App Store product descriptions, we'll make sure your app is optimized for maximum local appeal.


Obtain maximum gamer stickiness with our expert video and mobile gaming localization services.  We'll adapt your content to comply with common local gaming trends, player commands, visual effects, and more. 


Private consulting

Prefer to build your own in-house localization strategy? Our seasoned experts are happy to guide you. We'll consult with your team on everything from legal and regulatory compliance, to visual and grammatical adaptation.


Quality assurance

Looking to assess how locally appealing your copy is? Our regional industry experts will provide you with a thorough localization review, analyzing everything from your tone, branding, and terminology, to your product offerings and local demand.


Why OHT?

Fast turnaround

We localize content quickly and efficiently, with turnaround times as fast as 24 hours or less. Easily track your project by logging in to our site and monitoring its progress.


High quality

From tending to blatant issues like word usage, to more nuanced issues like pricing format and metric preference, our regional experts will ensure your content meets the highest standard of localization.



Have a large project that requires localization? Our expansive network of over 25,000 international language experts enables us to scale our services at the fast pace your company demands. 


Dedicated service

Great service is dependant on the human touch. That's why we have a team of custom language managers, as well as dedicated account managers, all working to ensure optimum localization results.


Xiaomi, one of the world's leading tech giants, was looking to expand its global presence and grow its business. In 2015, Senior Translation Manager, Santi Guan, turned to OHT to help review their current content, as well as translate and localize into an additional 48 new markets. Thanks to OHT's ability to provide high-quality text in a wide range of languages, the choice was a natural one. With OHT's help,  Xiaomi successfully expanded its brand to Europe, and today they market their products in 77 languages worldwide. 

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