TransBox - Email Translation

Support your International Customers in their Native Language using our unique email translation platform.

One Hour Translation developed the ultimate solution for providing email support to customers who don't correspond in English.
For example providing native language support for Spanish customers:

  1. Support receives an email in Spanish, they send the email to: The email is translated by native speaking translator and sent back to Support.
  2. Support answers the email in English and sends it The email will be translated back to Spanish.
  3. The translation can be sent back DIRECTLY to the Customer with CC or BCC to Support, by inserting the following in the email: [[TO:]] [[CC or BCC:]]
  4. To translate only the beginning of the email, e.g. in case where there is a long thread, insert [[STOP]] at the bottom of the part you want to translate
  5. The Customer sees an email coming from in her NATIVE LANGUAGE.

Bottom line, the Customer sent the email in her native language but Support staff read the email in English, replied in English and the Customer received the reply from Support in her native language.
For short emails the whole cycle takes 2-3 hours and it is completely transparent.

See full list of supported languages here

Make sure you send the emails from the same email account you registered with.

Please note that currently translation of attachments is NOT supported.