Local Insight Report

How locally appealing is your branding and content? Find out with the help of our local insight report.

Localization Quality Assurance ( LQA )

When it comes to localization, let us reduce your pile of unknowns

Entering a new market can be daunting. Translating the strategy and content that worked for you in your core region is simply not enough. Allow us to review your communication, branding, and user experience, and provide you with feedback and tips on how to increase your relevancy. Websites, apps, payment funnels, brochures, and more, our native-born industry experts will provide you with the feedback you need to locally succeed.


Why OHT?

High quality

We employ native-speaking industry experts who have extensive experience working in your company's industry. To maintain quality assurance, we also always run your project past a second (or even third) set of eyes.

Cultural feedback

During your brand's local insight report process, we will present practical, interactive questions to your local target audience, helping you discern any culture gaps that may exist within your user experience.  We'll also suggest tweaks we think may improve local appeal.

UI localization

Our experience has shown us that the best way to test UI localization is through real-time use. Our localization experts will interact with and test all facets of your products' UI, providing you with relevant tips on how to improve local user experience.

Optimize conversions

Understanding even the most subtle cultural differences in the conversion and buying process is key to ensuring revenue growth. We'll test and provide you with feedback throughout your user's buying journey to avoid any possible cultural friction.

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