Scaling Global Online Marketing With Localization And Optimization

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Feb 6, 2015 · 3 min
Scaling Global Online Marketing With Localization And Optimization | One Hour Translation

Last week, I had the pleasure of visiting Google headquarters for Dr. Lior Libman’s IMUG presentation on The Future of Global Online Marketing: Localization Workflow and Optimization.  If you missed the workshop, no worries.  Here’s my brief recap of what I learned:

The International Marketing Challenge

Online advertising often has a large share of contribution to a company’s bottom line- as the source of web traffic, leads and customers, depending on campaign’s goals.  In simplest terms, online advertising involves a landing page, several versions of the actual text or banner ad, A/B or multivariate testing of both the ads and the landing page, hosting on advertisement platforms and campaign optimization.  

However, when the campaign becomes international and is launched in two or more countries that don’t speak the same language, an extra step is added to the process: localization of campaign assets.

The actual advertising part of the process is usually the responsibility of either the internal marketing team or their ad agency.  Localization, or translation of the ads and landing pages into local languages and culturally appropriate lexicon, often falls on globalization vendors or departments. 

A common challenge ensues in that marketing groups own the testing and optimization part, while globalization groups own the translation process.  The lack of true integration and inability of the two groups to effectively talk to each other creates bottlenecks.

Imagine the back and forth of files and emails to translate multiple iterations of online content, the engineering to reflect changes online, the hosting of ads online and for each ad. It becomes a headache that even the ablest professionals don’t want to deal with. Therefore, international advertising is often handed off to local marketing agencies that control the process for each linguistic region- but that creates a new set of problems like a lack of central control and difficulties creating consistency across the entire global campaign. 

Creating a scalable strategy

Dr. Libman, then, brought up an innovative potential solution to answer the inevitable question: 

What if an enterprise’s localization division could integrate the localization and the advertising process, including all the iterative translation updates, testing and optimization?  Global online campaign could then proceed with one cohesive strategy that could help ensure consistency and scalability.

In the commerce era, you need localizes websites, mobile apps, customer service in native language, collect money in local currencies, international shipping, advertise in local languages and a local domain.

Online marketing drives global e-commerce.  However, a full online marketing strategy is also more than just text and banner ads- whether on AdWords or any other network.  A full strategy also involves driving customer interaction on e-commerce sites, mobile apps, social media and other web content, among other things. 

When targeting audiences in different parts of the world, a cohesive mindset of rapid, iterative localization support across channels to optimize interactions with global customers is critical for scalability.  Just imagine trying to optimize multiple variations of ads and landing pages (all hosted on different advertising platforms in each country or geo-target locale), a mobile app, a blog, Facebook and Twitter posts and an e-commerce site for a campaign that runs in 20 or more different languages, while maintaining branding and a consistent message across all territories!  

It becomes too much for most marketing departments to handle on their own, even with support of local branch offices or multiple local marketing firms.  This is the challenge that Lior Libman has seen in working with hundreds of multinational organizations.  OHT realized that a bridge was required to unify the two separate groups together so that efforts are synched and processes optimized for scalability around the world.

The Pitch

OHT offers a comprehensive suite of tools and services that help to manage and easily scale the localization of various interactions along online marketing, including: a full-service online advertising solution in over 75 languages, website, blog and landing page localization and hosting tools, a diverse, international network of publishing partners, the easiest mobile localization tool you’ve ever seen, and email and customer service inquiries translation service.  All of that with an unprecedented turnaround time guarantee and 24/7 support.  Contact us for more details by emailing


The Future of Global Online Marketing: Localization Workflow & Optimization from OHT-Enterprise

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