Translation and Localization key to Increasing Global E-commerce

Apr 27, 2015 · 1 min

One Hour Translation (OHT), the world's largest online translation agency, today released exclusive data indicating that localization of e-commerce sites has a significant impact on global consumers.

Exclusive Data Finds Translation and Localization key to Increasing Global E-commerce | One Hour Translation

With online holiday shopping figures reaching $2.3 billion dollars last year and a higher figure expected this year, the OHT data highlights how localization can attract a greater number of global consumers and increase online sales from this demographic.

Consumers from outside of the United States account for a projected $300 million of U.S. holiday sales - and that doesn't count non-native English speakers in America. While more than two-thirds of online consumers are not native-English speakers, a vast number of e-commerce companies fail to localize their websites for foreign and non-native English-speaking shoppers. According to a recent OHT survey, conducted through Google Consumer Surveys, the vast majority of foreign respondents prefer to shop online in their native language.



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