One Hour Translation Unveils the First Online Machine Translation Detector

Sep 11, 2013 · 2 min

When Pepsi entered China "Come Alive with Pepsi" became "Pepsi brings your ancestors back to life". Pepsi is not alone; American Airlines" "Fly in Leather" campaign was translated in Mexico as "Fly Naked". One Hour Translation has just launched Translator Detector, a free online machine translation detector.

The use of Google Translate and similar machine translation tools became very popular lately. Unfortunately, using machine translation can often lead to embarrassing results like the ones mentioned above. Businesses often use professional translation service or agency in order to avoid such quality issues.

Alas, until today, there was no easy way of knowing if a given translation is a professional one or the result of using machine translation.

One Hour Translation, the web's leading professional translation service, is excited to launch Translator Detector, a free online machine translation detector. Translator Detector is the only automated tool on the web that can determine whether or not a given text was machine translated.

The way it works - Simply enter the source and translated text. The Translator Detector will automatically identify the source and target language. The translator detector will then automatically translate the source text using the three most common Machine Translation tools: Google Translate, Yahoo! Babel Fish and Bing translator. The resulting machine translated documents are then compared to the existing translation. The overall probability that the text was translated by a Machine is presented graphically.

In order to allow an easy testing of the system, the Translator Detector allows free Google machine translation of any source text to any of the 55 supported languages.

Machine Translation tools like Google Translate work when the understanding of short sentences is required. Using professional human translator is essential when translating to a foreign language. A human translator from a professional translation service actually understands what the text is about in addition to all its nuances and translates the meaning, not just word-for-word.

The Machine Translator Detector is free to use at -

About One Hour Translation One Hour Translation is a world leading Professional Translation Service provider. One Hour Translation provides High Quality Expert Translation service to thousands of business customers on a 24/7 basis; thanks to a community of over 10,000 certified translators from all over the world.

One Hour Translation provides translation services for 55 languages including most common English to French and English to Spanish translation.

One Hour Translation also provides e-mail translation service, professional translation, API and CMS translation plug-ins.

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