One Hour Translation Twitter Handles Translate Harry Styles's Tweets Into Spanish and Italian

Apr 8, 2014 · 1 min

One Hour Translation, the world's fastest human translation agency, has created new Twitter handles which will translate all ofHarry Styles's tweets into Spanish and Italian.

Given his global superstar status not all of Harry Styles's fans speak English. However, the new Twitter handles should appeal to Harry's Spanish and Italian speaking fans by keeping them up to date with his latest comments and Twitter conversations with other celebrities. The Twitter handles will translate all of Harry's tweets from his Twitter handle, @Harry_Styles, which currently has over 20 million followers.

The Twitter translations will be undertaken by One Hour Translation's human translators, of which there are over 15,000, and will happen close to real time. If the handles prove popular, additional Twitter accounts will be set up in other languages for Harry's tweets.

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