One Hour Translation Reports a Growing Demand for Online Advertising Translations

Sep 11, 2013 · 2 min

Nicosia, Cyprus (PRWEB) August 23, 2011

Growing demand for online advertising coupled with the growing competition over popular keywords in English, is prompting many online advertising and online media companies to consider translating their text ads, banners and video ads into multiple languages. This task requires specialized skills from those that translate the ads. One Hour Translation identified this rising need and now offers Text Ads Translation as one of its special areas of expertise.

Translation of text ads, and ad-words translation specifically, requires meeting special character limit specifications, cultural modifications and understanding of the web culture. Skilled text ads translation results in lower competition over keywords outside English speaking countries. With this also comes lower cost-per-click costs, since fewer ads are competing in paid ads sections of leading search engine results and higher click-through-rates as well.

Advertisers should keep in mind that advertising in different languages also means localization of the landing pages and in some cases, localization of entire websites. For those firms wishing to take this another step further, One Hour Translation also provides website translation and localization and offers translation via API.

About One Hour Translation Ltd.

One Hour Translation is the web’s leading Professional Translation Service provider, offering professional translation services to thousands of business customers worldwide, 24/7 thanks to a community of over 10,000 certified translators from all over the world. One Hour Translation provides translation services for 60 languages including English to French and English to Spanish translation.

One Hour Translation also provides e-mail translation services, professional translation API and CMS translation plug-ins and more.

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