One Hour Translation Releases Free Multilingual Feedback Tab

Sep 12, 2013 · 2 min

NICOSIA, Cyprus, Jan. 17, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- The 72% of Internet users who are not native English speakers will appreciate that One Hour Translation, the top professional translation service on the Internet, has just released the Multilingual Feedback Tab (MLFT). Now any website owner can easily add the Multilingual Feedback Tab, allowing visitors of the website to provide feedback in their native language. The One Hour Translation MLFT displays the feedback in the visitor's language of choice and automatically translates the feedback to the language specified by the web-site owner, taking away a significant barrier between web site visitors and website owners.

In the online world, if website owners don't make it simple for their customers to offer their feedback, they probably won't become engaged with their website. MLFT is the only multilingual feedback tab and the only feedback tab that is completely free.

"Many of One Hour Translation's enterprise customers asked for a way to allow customers to provide feedback in their native language," said Dr. Lior Libman, of Business Development at One Hour Translation. "According to One Hour Translation's data, 64% of e-commerce in the world is done in languages other than English, mainly in Spanish, German, French, Italian and Japanese, "being able to contact international customers in their native language increases conversion and improves customer satisfaction," added Libman.

The new MLFT allows site owners to include a free customer feedback tab on any page they select on their site. The website owner can customize and personalize the tab any way that they like. The system can automatically translate the feedback to any select language using machine translation, or can choose the option to translate the feedback using One Hour Translation professional human translation service. Website owners can create as many feedback tabs as they like. Users can define their own categories and sub categories for feedback, then select the feedback button that works best with their site, preview the website with the button, and copy and paste the given code into the website.

To start using the feedback tab, please register (for free) at One Hour Translation, open an account, and then go to

About One Hour Translation

One Hour Translation is the web's leading Professional Translation Service, offering professional translation services to thousands of business customers worldwide, 24/7 – thanks to a community of over 10,000 certified translators. One Hour Translation provides translation services for 60 languages – a translation process supported by robust technology to assure top quality and speed. One Hour Translation also provides email translation services, professional human translation API, CMS translation plug-ins, e-commerce translation and more. In addition to its translation services, One Hour Translation provides medical and legal transcription services.

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