One Hour Translation Offers a New Way to Generate Revenues for High Traffic Websites

Sep 11, 2013 · 3 min

Free machine translation and dictionary websites are very popular all over the world and attract millions of visitors a day. This is understandable as 72% of Internet users do not speak English, while 65% of the digital content on the Internet is in English (eMarketer).

High traffic websites like carry the burden of high infrastructure costs for bandwidth, servers and maintenance. Until today, the almost exclusive source of revenues for these sites was Google Adwords. One Hour Translation, one of the worlds leading professional translation services, has a new alternative: professional human translation

"Using One Hour Translation's Human Translation Gateway, sites like SDL's are able to offer online visitors professional translation, and at the same time, monetize their traffic more efficiently" says David Shaw, director of Business Development at One Hour Translation.

Machine translation sites, such as, provide a good solution for getting a general understanding of foreign text. But when it comes to more complex texts or to generating content in a different language, most users look for professional translations.

One Hour Translation offers a streamlined, Internet accessible, human translation service using a community of over 8,000 professional translators from all over the world. With the One Hour Translation's Human Translation Gateway, sites like can now generate substantial additional revenues by adding a Human Translation alternative.

"Visitors who look for professional paid-for translations can now get their texts translated quickly and efficiently at One Hour Translation with just a few clicks." says Ofer Shoshan, CEO of One Hour Translation. "One Hour Translation is the only professional translation service that supports over 50 languages and has the capacity and speed to provide quality human translations online".

Most of the visitors that click "Human Translation" are businesses that often spend hundreds of dollars a year on translation. With Google Adwords paying under a dollar per click, the Human Translation alternative is an easy way to substantially increase revenues from traffic.

Thanks to the technological and operational advantages of One Hour Translation, traffic monetization is easy. Language Service providing free translation and dictionary websites, as well as other high-traffic sites, can simply add the "Human Translation" button from One Hour Translation to start generating revenues. for additional information about integration with the Human Translation Gateway please visit the Human Translation Gateway Page.

About One Hour Translation Ltd. One Hour Translation is a world leading Professional Translation Services provider. One Hour Translation provides High Quality Expert Translation services to thousands of business customers on a 24/7 basis; thanks to a community of over 8,000 certified translators from all over the world. One Hour Translation also provides e-mail translation services, professional translation API and CMS translation plug-ins. One Hour Translation offers free trails for professional translation services. To learn more about One Hour Translation and to start your free trial, please visit:

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