One Hour Translation Offers Localized Websites In 11 Languages; Seeks To Expand Visibility Across The EU

Sep 11, 2013 · 2 min

One Hour Translation continues to see increasing demand from non-English speaking clients worldwide. Not only does the company currently serve customers from over 100 countries, it’s called upon to provide professional translation to 57 languages and counting. In an effort to further improve service to non-English speakers, One Hour Translation has launched local versions of its website in an additional 11 languages: French, Spanish, German, Russian, Italian, Dutch, Portuguese, Japanese, Hebrew, Greek and Arabic.

These localized versions of are intended to serve both local customers and translators as well as to expand the firm’s translation visibility across the EU region.

"As One Hour Translation has strengthened its presence in Germany and other European counties, we continue to see an ever-increasing demand for our services across the EU. In order to better accommodate that demand, we thought it best to localize our websites to these separate counties and their languages,” said David Shaw, Director of Customer Service.

One Hour Translation provides translation and transcription services for 57 languages, thus covering the overwhelming majority of the web-connected world. Translation services are provided via the One Hour Translation website, Email Translation Interface and the Human Translation API.

About One Hour Translation Ltd.:

One Hour Translation is the web’s leading Professional Translation Service provider, offering professional translation services to thousands of business customers worldwide, 24/7 thanks to a community of over 10,000 certified translators from all over the world. One Hour Translation provides translation services for 60 languages including English to French and English to Spanish translation. One Hour Translation also provides e-mail translation services, professional translation API, CMS translation plug-ins and more.

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