One Hour Translation Offers First Free Translation Service to Fair Trade Farmers

One Hour Translation Offers First Free Translation Service to Fair Trade Farmers | One Hour Translation

Leading translation provider offers complimentary translation services to fair trade farmers to streamline communication and help enhance international business

New York, NY (December 17, 2013) — One Hour Translation, the web’s leading professional translation service, announced today the launch of its global fair trade program, which will provide farmers across the globe with free translation services to help facilitate clear and direct communication with their customer base and partners.

This initiative aims to support the estimated 500,000 small-scale farmers responsible for putting food on the plates and coffee in the cups of two billion people around the world today.

“As a company that stands behind fair trade practices, we strongly believe in supporting the farmers who feed people all over the world on a daily basis,” said Yaron Kaufman, Co-Founder and CMO of One Hour Translation. “In a global marketplace, communication is essential to getting the right message to the right people, and fair trade farmers require enhanced communication services to bridge the language divide in order to promote their products and earn a living.

One Hour Translation is proud to become part of the fair trade equation and to help alleviate some of the financial burden that contributes to the disenfranchisement of our farmers.”

Joining the likes of Starbucks, Nestle, and Ben & Jerry’s, One Hour Translation seeks to assist the independent fair trade movement - which benefits farmers in over 60 developing countries - by providing translation services at no cost to farmers across the globe.

Through this free translation service, farmers can convey messages directly to their target markets, in their respective native languages, regarding what they are producing, how their products are grown, packaged and shipped, and why the products are beneficial to local communities and the environment. Additionally, providing free translation services helps to eliminate the costs associated with hiring outside sources to act as intermediaries and help boost overall awareness, revenue and keep the global farming infrastructure operational.

A majority of farms are family-owned enterprises that brave exceptional risk and tight margins to provide for the world’s population every day. According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture Economic Research Service, for every dollar spent on food, the average farmer receives less than 12 cents for the raw products due to external costs. By alleviating some of the monetary hardship farmers endure in marketing their products, One Hour Translation aims to give back to farmers behind the global food supply by empowering them to communicate with their target markets.

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