One Hour Translation Now Supports the new Google Translator Toolkit

September 11th, 2013

Update- Google officially announces New formats support to Translator Toolkit in their blog post -

The new Google Translator Toolkit (GTT) now supports Android Resource Files (.xml), Application Resource Bundle (.arb), Chrome Extension (.json) and GNU gettext-based localization files (.po).

The additional supported file types allows professional translation services like One Hour Translation to quickly localize websites, android applications, and other types of software to any language.

"Using the new Translator Toolkit (GTT) translators in our community can easily and quickly produce high quality localized versions for Android and other types of applications," said Dr. Lior Libman, Co-founder of One Hour Translation. "Leveraging the power of the Google Translator Toolkit for localization of po, json, arb and xml files dramatically increases translators' productivity and actually improves quality thanks to keeping the translator focused on the text without having to deal with meta data," concluded Dr. Libman.

Many application developers realize that addressing users in other markets by localizing their applications is a very cost-effective way for increasing sales. "We saw a 357% increase in the demand for applications localization and translation over the past 6 months," said Ofer Shoshan, Co-founder and CEO of One Hour Translation. "Most developers translate their applications into six languages: Spanish, French, German, Italian, Japanese and Arabic," said Shoshan. Using the new GTT application localization is now easier and more developers will probably localize their applications.

Google Translator Toolkit is integrated with Google Machine Translation, so developers can test the translation and see how it works instantly. When it comes to distribution of a translated application, most developers realize that professional human translation is required. Machine translation often produces awkward translation mistakes that may render their application "untrustworthy" by international users.

Linking One Hour Translation's fast, professional human translation with the new GTT allows developers to translate and localize their applications to any language they choose using 10000 professional translators worldwide.

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