One Hour Translation new translation environment now supports dozens of file types

Sep 11, 2013 · 2 min

One Hour Translation, the largest professional translation service online, just launched its new Translator’s Workbench, an advanced translation environment that allows for native translation of multiple file types including MS-Office, Resx and PO localization files, mobile application localization files, open Office, subtitle files, Adobe InDesign and FrameMaker, Xliff and others, in total there are 40 supported file formats

The new workbench is based on the award winning Crowdin translation tool. “Crowdin and One Hour Translation have a strategic partnership” said Mr. Sergey Dmytryshyn, founder and CEO of Crowdin, “thanks to One Hour Translation our platform is now being used by thousands of translators on a daily basis” added Dmytryshyn.

There is a growing demand for application localization, especially, localization of mobile applications. Today the most common approach is to copy-paste the text for translation from the application, and then copy-paste the translation back into the application. This process is time consuming, cumbersome, and leads to translation errors as well as technical errors in the copying process. The new workbench allows translators to translate the localization files directly by translating the text only, without touching the formatting and other meta-data. The same is true for a wide variety of other file types.

“We process over 1000 application localization projects a week, most developers are copy-pasting the text/ translation. These days are over!” says Mr. Ofer Shoshan, founder and CEO of One Hour Translation “Using the workbench the localization process is streamlined and smooth. Developers just need to upload the files, they get the same files back with the translation already inserted in the right places, thus improving quality and speed” concluded Shoshan.

The new Translator’s Workbench does not require any special preparation from the customer. The One Hour Translation management system automatically identifies the uploaded file type and activates the translation environment accordingly.

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