One Hour Translation: Law Firms Use Online Human Translation to Deal with Dramatic Increase in Cross-European Lawsuits

Sep 11, 2013 · 2 min

NICOSIA, Cyprus, March 20, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- The continuing economic crisis in Europe has lead to a significant increase in lawsuits filed in the EU between businesses from different countries. Dealing with these cross-European lawsuits often requires translation of relevant documents for court in the country where the proceedings are held.

Law firms, who are conservative by nature, often turn to traditional translation agencies for professional translation, but the increasing number of lawsuits between countries appears to be changing this trend. Leading law firms now turn to online professional translation services like One Hour Translation.
Security and confidentiality are very important aspect of all legal related translations. Online translation services need to have a system to control which translators receive what material and make sure the information is properly protected and encrypted. "One Hour Translation encrypts all customer data and controls what material is sent to which translators, so confidentiality is strictly kept," said Ofer Shoshan, CEO of One Hour Translation.

"We recently had several customers that initiated legal proceedings in Greece and had to translate a lot of documents to Greek in order to present them to court in time," said Adv. Ron Markovitch of Markovitch&Co. "Traditional translation services simply take too long. One Hour Translation provided the quality and speed we needed."

"Many law firms have turned to us in the past few months," said Shoshan. "We see high demand for legal translations from lawyers and law firms all across Europe, not only Greece."  One Hour Translation estimates that the continuing economic crises in North America and in Europe will cause additional law firms that work with international customers to turn to online professional translation services like One Hour Translation.

"One Hour Translation is the fastest professional translation service in the world," said Shoshan. "It typically takes less than one business hour for the translation to start, and we have the capacity to meet tight deadlines when required."

Online services are two-to-five times faster than traditional services and the cost in most cases is about 20-30% lower. While some law firms are at first reluctant to use the Internet for professional translations, those who embrace it benefit from unmatched speed and price without sacrificing high quality translation.

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