One Hour Translation Launches InContext for Improved Translation Quality

Sep 11, 2013 · 2 min
One Hour Translation Launches InContext for Improved Translation Quality | One Hour Translation

NICOSIA, Cyprus, May 9, 2013 /PRNewswire/ --

One Hour Translation, the largest professional translation service online, is launching InContext™, a new technology that guarantees high quality by providing the right context for the translated material. The new technology enables the translator to view the source material in its original context, regardless of application or website.

InContext is integrated with WeST™, the One Hour Translation website localization technology, to allow the translator to translate on the webpage itself. Using InContext, the translator sees the original text and its context, thus allowing for a better translation.

The InContext technology can also be used in the translation of complex file types like Adobe FrameMaker or InDesign. With InContext, the translator is able to see the layout of the material and translate the text without affecting the document's design. Using InContext, translators can also translate faster while improving the translation quality, therefore delivering better results to our customer.

"Context is extremely important in the translation and localization process," says Dr. Lance McBride, VP - Quality Control at One Hour Translation. "This is especially true with marketing material, websites and other business content. Thanks to InContext™, our translators can easily see the original text in the right context and deliver a higher quality translation."

InContext is the latest addition to a set of technologies and procedures that One Hour Translation uses to guarantee sustainably high translation quality over time. InContext works alongside features such as Real Time Reviews, Machine Translation Detection, Additional Proofreading, Project Time Stamping, etc.

InContext is now integrated into the One Hour Translation platform and is offered to all users at no additional cost.

About One Hour Translation

One Hour Translation, is the largest professional translation service online, with thousands of business customers and over 15,000 translators worldwide.

One Hour Translation offers a high-quality, fast and competitively priced alternative for professional translation to/from over 70 languages. Our service is used by more than 50% of Fortune 500 companies.

Many of our business customers use our service to translate and localize their material (website, agreements, brochures etc.) in order to sell internationally. We have dedicated, expert translators for different domains such as Legal, Technical, Medical, software applications, financial services and more.

Our customers enjoy advanced technologies like WeST for easy, human website translations, Real Time Reviews, etc.

One Hour Translation is ISO 9001:2008 Quality certified and utilizes robust procedures to guarantee high-quality translations. One Hour Translation is an Enterprise member of ATA-the American Translators Association (#257429).

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