One Hour Translation Expands Its Transcreation Capabilities

Sep 11, 2013 · 2 min

To better meet their clients' expanding needs, One Hour Translation has decided to expand its transcreation capabilities.

Transcreation is the translation industry's hottest new buzz word - in fact, according to a recent Commonsense Advisory Market survey, demand for transcreation has shown consistent growth, well into the double digits over the past few years. Why? When it comes to translation of marketing messages, direct translation of the source text rarely conveys the true message, style and emotional essence - especially in press releases, slogans, mottos, marketing materials and the like.

What is Transcreation?

As companies and brands approach new markets, transcreation keeps marketing messages from being "lost in translation" across cultures - not just languages. More than translation per se, transcreation deals with conveying a message (ie: a marketing slogan or motto) in a different language and to a different cultural sensibility. Transcreation succeeds where translation fails - by connecting new people to new messages and brands in a way that word for word translation would render as flat, foreign or downright jibberish.

With companies and brands expanding across the world like never before, demand for transcreation services has increased substantially across the board - and One Hour Translation has risen to meet that demand by offering transcreation (marketing translation) services for advertising companies, media companies and marketing professionals in 60 languages on a 24/7 basis. One Hour Translation's marketing translators are not only native speakers of the target language, but also have an in-depth understanding of the target culture and a sense of creativity.

By providing translators in its community with a complete kit of transcreation tools, including comprehensive support, One Hour Translation assures that each piece of transcreated text will convey the client's message at its best.

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