One Hour Translation becomes official Amazon Web Services Technology Partner

Sep 11, 2013 · 2 min

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is used by top notch e-commerce sites and other leading Internet sites to service hundreds of millions of users daily. Many of the sites running on AWS are global by nature, and most of them need professional translation services to increase sales from international customers.

Leveraging the new partnership with One Hour Translation, the largest professional translation service online, One Hour Translation now offer AWS users cloud based, stream-lined human translation service.

“The importance of using professional translation in order to reach global customers is obvious” says Dr. Lior Libman, COO of One Hour Translation, “the issue with traditional services is that the process is inefficient. With One Hour Translation, translation is done by human beings and the entire process is stream-lined and automated. [just a thought here….the way u write it, it sounds like using human beings is not efficient It is an ideal solution for big websites with constantly updating content” said Dr. Libman.

One Hour Translation itself runs on AWS, as do some of its existing customers who already use the API to seamlessly send text for translation and receive the translated result. “The fact that we are running on AWS makes the translation process even more efficient in terms of latency and bandwidth” said Dr. Libman.

AWS customers that would like to use One Hour Translation to grow their global business are welcome to visit the OHT translation business center

You are also welcome to visit our AWS partner page

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