E-Retailer Under.me, Bar Refaeli’s Underwear Line, Boosts International sales using One Hour Translation Website Translation Technology

Sep 12, 2013 · 3 min

July 30, 2013, New York – Underwear e-retailer Under.me has partnered with leading online translation services company, One Hour Translation, to create localized versions of their web site and eCommerce copy, as well as email communications sent to customers and other marketing materials. The website recently added German and French versions, which led to a 50% increase in conversion rates from German and French speaking customers.

Under.me launched the website and materials in both English and Hebrew. Although Hebrew-speaking visitors converted more than three times as often as English-speakers, Under.me noted that the bulk of their customers lived in America and Europe, realizing they needed to localize their materials. Under.me CEO and co-founder David Balsar chose to work with One Hour Translation, the world’s largest online translation services company, to handle the translation work.

“The substantial increase in sales Under.me has seen is directly related to the localized translation, which is common with other e-commerce websites we work with” said Ofer Shoshan, CEO of One Hour Translation, “Using our new WeST technology, business owners can quickly and easily localize website copy and ensure it is translated on an ongoing basis”.

One Hour Translation offers professional translation services to 75 languages with a community of over 15,000 active certified translators. The newly released WeST technology allows any website to be translated into localized versions of any language using professional human translation, machine translation or crowd translation just by adding few lines of code to the site.

Under.me’s entire project was completed within a few days. One Hour Translation works in a ‘contextual’ translation workflow, using its InContext technology, which allows the translators to translate directly on the webpage within the context of format, layout, and graphics of the site. This workflow helps maintain high quality translation.

Using One Hour Translation’s WeST technology, Under.me visitors see the correct language version of the site based on their IP address. Visitors can also select other languages by simply clicking a selection button.

Under.me’s goal is to have its website and materials available in 10 languages, working with One Hour Translation to create Italian and Spanish versions as the next expansion. To learn more about localisation services from One Hour Translation, please visit www.onehourtranslation.com/translation/website-translation

About One Hour Translation

One Hour Translation is the web's leading Professional Translation Service, offering professional translation services to thousands of business customers worldwide, 24/7 - thanks to a community of over 15,000 certified translators. One Hour Translation provides translation services for 75 languages - a translation process supported by robust technology to assure top quality and speed. One Hour Translation also provides email translation services, professional human translation API, CMS translation plug-ins, e-commerce translation and more. In addition to its translation services, One Hour Translation provides medical and legal transcription services.


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