Conduit to Employ One Hour Translation's Services and Translation Project Management

September 11th, 2013
Conduit to Employ One Hour Translation's Services and Translation Project Management | One Hour Translation

Through the agreement, Conduit now has access to the large pool of 10,000 professional translators in more than 60 languages, using One Hour Translation's advanced SaaS based translation management platform for all of their translations.  The deal promises to save Conduit costs associated with handling multiple freelancer projects and scaling in over 60 languages most popular to Conduit's customers and their users.
"A company with the reach and deep presence in so many countries around the world like Conduit needs to provide reliable and fast translations across numerous platforms including web pages, mobile apps and various browsers," said Sagi Adiv, head of globalization for Conduit.
The company plans to use One Hour Translation's platform to manage thousands of translation exchanges per month.  One Hour Translation developed a custom solution to fit the needs of this hybrid of outsourcing and project management on a mass scale for Conduit.
"Like many other companies, Conduit approached us with their challenge of managing their own translators and the translation process itself," said Ofer Shoshan, CEO and co-founder of One Hour Translation. "We designed a tailored solution to help track multiple translation projects, retrieve translations, and deal with the large number of invoices from freelancers."

About Conduit

Conduit empowers web and mobile publishers to engage their users across multiple platforms. From Community Toolbars and mobile apps to notifications and web bars, the company's products enable publishers to constantly connect with their users wherever they are. Conduit's innovative solutions have made it the fastest-growing network of publishers in the world, with more than 260,000 publishers of all sizes generating billions of monthly interactions with their 250 million users. Groupon, Fox News, Travelocity, Remax and The Weather Channel are just some of the brands leveraging Conduit's free solutions to keep their users engaged and boost their business. 

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