2012 Translation Report Shows Increase in Web-site Translation

Sep 11, 2013 · 2 min

Every year the research department of One Hour Translation conducts a comprehensive analysis of the previous year’s translation services data. The data from hundreds of thousands of projects translated throughout the year is collected and analyzed.

According to the preliminary data from the 2012 report, most of the e-commerce websites were translated to the following languages:

  • Spanish Latin-America and Spanish (Spain:) 81% of the sites
  • French and French-Canadian: 64% of the sites
  • German: 41% of the sites
  • Italian: 37% of the sites
  • Portuguese and Portuguese Brazil: 26% of the sites

The complete report will be published by the end of the January 2013.

The order of the target languages remains the same as last year, although there is a clear increase in the number of websites that add multi-lingual versions.

“In 2012 we saw a substantial increase in the demand for website translation from new and from existing customers” says Ofer Shoshan, Co-founder and CEO of One Hour Translatio “There was a sharp 27% increase in the demand for website translation, partly due to the ongoing world economic crisis - businesses are looking for new customers worldwide” concluded Shoshan.

Recently One Hour Translation released a new website translation technology called WeST which provides easily used and implemented human/machine translation for any website. You can sign up for WeST and request website translation.

WeST also uses Collective Translation Memory (CTM), which reduces human translation costs of websites and improves the value of the translated site, including the SEO value of the site. CTM is especially powerful if machine translation was selected, because it is based on human translated strings from other sites.

To learn more about WeST please contact us or visit WeST page

Source - PRNewswire

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